The Shock and Awe..

Love and Family

Down this path of life we choose to take, there are people that we must help along the way.

I do not live by coincidence, nor do I believe in “conscious happenstance”, rather I simply believe in the power of purpose, or better yet the power of knowledge in ones purpose. I am no scholar by any means, simply a mother, a wife, an entrepreneur on fire if you will. With that being said, I have warmly been welcomed into a community unknown to me, quite ironic for sharks! 🙂 And in all respect, have learned more in two weeks than I have from any book or degree. A friend said the other day, “A degree doesn’t mean your smart, it means you were able to complete the program”. And bitterly speaking, I couldn’t agree more. Plagued by a box I had inadvertently placed myself in, I convinced myself as an educated and driven woman, that work was work, and my dreams were to be shelved until my next available vacation. While opportunity after opportunity knocked, I was busy being to busy (in my mind to reach a goal) yet continuing to run a rat race in reality. I can appreciate the patience of my husband for example, his mind is full of ideas and the potential in people, while I tend to float on clouds, teach and paint. And then it happened. Coming home one day from a meeting, Paul mentioned an incredible business investment. After admitting to myself that this was bigger than my simple pleasures, he caught my attention. From that day to this day, I am literally ignorant as to what happened, and while I sit here yet again trying to absorb it all in reality and in faith, I am suspended in awe. It’s interesting to say the least, I consider myself a virtuous woman, or I at least give it all I’ve got; and when I think about the recent manifested events, silent thanksgiving is all I can muster. Nothing seems worthy or comparable to accurately describe how I feel actually. Yet here I am sitting at my dining room table on a Sunday evening attempting to do so. Desperately absorbing all that I can as fast as I can has proven to be exhausting, yet the thrill continues, therefore, so do I. Often overwhelmed with mountains of information from people I’m humbled to have on speed dial, I slowly realized a pattern. Working hard is no longer necessary, yet working smart can triple the results! And this began with one comment..a dear friend said in the middle of a shopping mall, “dreamers don’t make you money”. And with this simple statement, an explosion of possibility, revelation, information and desire to know flooded my mind. It finally occurred to me that all of my dreams sitting on a shelf did absolutely nothing but collect dust, it did not benefit me, my family or anyone else for that matter. I began to think about graveyards, and all of the brilliant minds that died with that inside of many of them died with revolutionary ideas just sitting on their shelf while they were busy being busy; and convinced they had time to get there one day. It occurred to me at that moment, that my dreams weren’t important if there was no manifestation of them, if I did nothing to meet them halfway. Dreaming only led to sleeping..In about 5 seconds my priorities had now changed. I had spent all of these years teaching possibility, creativity, dreams and aspirations, and many times simply teaching people how to read. And through this journey my passion and desire to reach people from a platform that would elevate them effectively and consistently continued to grow. Yet, so did my frustration. It’s interesting how a person can live a life dreaming yet never lives a dream of a life. One step after another proved to be rewarding and in less that two months I have been transformed into a shark!! Lol! Well, not quite:) Again, my friend said that I could swim among sharky waters and avoid being bitten. And while I’m often terrified to jump in the water, I have realized it’s temperature only shocks for a moment, and as you acclimate yourself, the water becomes comfortable. It is here we often hear the cliche “sink or swim”. Or in my field, “bite or be bitten”:) And of course I only partially disagree:) I believe that it is possible to dance in the rain while somehow making money off of it! It isn’t that my life has changed because of the love or desire of money, it is attributed to the perspective in which I see it. Humbly being reminded of how little I actually know about particulars, I am loving the ride! It’s new, it’s innovative, it affects peoples lives (including my own) in ways I couldn’t imagine! Although I work hard, it is now because of my power of choice. My measure of “work” may be different from yours, yet there is a beauty and freedom in being whole. Again, I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend, yet something inside of me was screaming to do and be better. Not because of any lack there of, but because I am my brothers keeper. And as long as my dreams included only me, my dreams weren’t big enough..The last time my husband said that, I truly understood..and could not be more grateful. It is imperative that we be the change we wanna see in the world and stop discussing it at our dinner tables! The power of financial freedom is different from simply loving money, and I am reminded that riches come and go, yet wealth is something no one can take from me..wealth isn’t limited to a dollar bill, it’s genres extend over information and knowledge. All of which are useless if it is not done in love. And what began as a shock and awe factor in one sense literally resounded in my own spirit, and as I continue this journey of listening, taking notes and asking questions, I am recognizing there are no limits! See, good friends know who you are and love you anyway:) and it is these friends that prove it is truly possible for iron to sharpen iron. Living it, breathing it, and loving this life of mine..So I encourage you today as I ramble, to do a self inventory check (and be honest lol), do your dreams sit on a shelf? What is inside of you right now that you know shouldn’t lay dormant? and in closing, what are you gonna do about it? It is time out for excuses, I would love to paint the world pink and sit on a beach while I’m doing it, but there is service and works to do, that includes more than you. And how incredible is God that your perk of service is living an abundant life?! And yes, this is an artist speaking lol, my point exactly! This journey i’m on is leading me somewhere and I could’t be more grateful to know that I know that I will not be there alone…:)

*Thinking, venting, sharing and grateful to those who take the time to teach me what I’ve never known..*

Jenny E.

About theedwardsgroup

My name is Jennifer Edwards and my husband Saint Paul and I are Team Builders in 5Linx located in North Carolina.

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  1. Well spoken and I am well aware of the days we are living in. Men and women all over are missing out on the pleasures and joys of life stressed, worried, and financially deprived. Taking them on a quick journey to their deaths bc they have all of those things pressing on them with little faith to help set their house in order. They have no idea which way to turn. Feeling lost, helpless and hopeless. I believe “we are our brothers keepers!”

    • Yes hunny we are! And as we grow..iron sharpens’s lonely at the top when your all by yourself..this platform that we have is truly a blessing..and I pray we can keep sharing it with people all over the world..a revolution in mindset must take place..and then action..thank you for your love, encouragement, patience and support as we walk this journey out!:) Our families and team couldn’t be more wonderful, and I am humbly blessed!

  2. Shannon sis inaw

    Jenny that was so eloquently and perfectly shared….words cant express how.blessed I feel to know that I am indeed a part of this life conquering business…funny how God works sometimes but all i.can do is.say thank you lord for blessing me that my family is so blessed knowing that my family has the opportunity to live greatef and bless even more ppl just warms my entire spirit…Jenny youre awesome and I super duper love you

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