This was a great review… I have to go see this movie now!

orange shoelace

I was actually able to see a new movie BEFORE everyone else got a chance to ruin it for me!!!  Happiness!!!

As a poor college student, most of my “fun money” goes to paying rent and the occasional night out at the bar.  Nine dollars for a movie?!  Not to see Will Farrell muck up another horribly contrived plot-line.  But considering this was an awesome superhero movie based off of the even more awesome comics, AND some scenes were shot in my hometown of Cleveland, I just had to go.  Besides, it was a good excuse for my boyfriend and I to bond in our geekiness over some pregame Incredible Hulk shots (yes, they really are as disgusting as they sound).

But was The Avengers really as good as all the hype?  I sure think so.

In fact, I thought it was so good I immediately wanted to race home and post…

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My name is Jennifer Edwards and my husband Saint Paul and I are Team Builders in 5Linx located in North Carolina.

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  1. zigantibrianna

    Thanks! It was worth every penny to go see 🙂

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