MLM and Network Marketing: The Gift and the Curse!


I have been in MLM or muliti level marketing for almost 3 months now with 5LINX.  Many know and many don’t know about this company, but I am sure in all of our lives, we have all either heard about Network Marketing or been a part of Network Marketing or MLM.  

If you ask around, you will get mixed reviews.  More negative than positive, so I wanted to research the industry and see if I could find out why such mixed reviews, and why did most of them swing more toward the negative side, than the positive.  

I came into 5LINX with a goal, a plan, a vision, and a reason as to why I wanted to even venture into this industry.  I knew that Network Marketing or MLM was one of the top ways to gain wealth.  I have seen time and time again, top leaders in their field saying, “Anyone can do this deal!”  Or “If I can do it, so can you!”  I don’t disagree with any of those statements, but what isn’t told most of the time up front is what it will take to make it to the top.  The same sacrifices that you have to make in any business venture, you have to make with MLM or Network Marketing.  No matter what the company is, or how simple the deal looks, or how great the compensation plan is, or the carrots they dangle in front of you as incentives such as cars, trips, bonus pools etc, you have to put all of that aside and formulate your plan.  You have to have a vision, and you have to set realistic goals.   

I am a young business owner.  I have been in business for myself for a little over 4 years now and I have learned a lot.  I know what it is like to make a million dollars, but it isn’t all that its cut out to be.  Its not how much you generate, but how much you keep.  Everyone wants to be on the other side of the table, but no one really truly knows what it takes to be the BOSS.  There are more responsibility and liability than one could ever imagine.  The expenses that are involved such as payroll, workers compensation, overhead or cost of doing business, insurance, printers, computers, supplies, TAXES, etc.  There is an old saying that says, “It cost to be the Boss!”  I am hear to tell you, that you are going to have to pay it.  There are no ways around it, under it, over it, but you have to pay it.  Its the cost of doing business.  

I have heard many trainings and I have heard the sayings like, “when you come into this deal, you have to be ignorance on fire.”  I totally disagree with that statement, b/c the only person that will make money is the up line.  You can’t have blind leading the blind, because you are leading them to nowhere.  I looked at many MLM’s and Network Marketing companies and what I have found is that LEADERSHIP is the key.  Success is only as good as the person leading you.  And that you have to take the learning curve very fast if you want to sustain in any MLM or Network Marketing company.  And I mean ANY!!!!  Look at the statistics that we have found.

I was talking to Mr. Kyle Freeman last night after he introduced me to Mr. Chris Oliver, and he told me there were  things that you had to do EXCELLENT!!!  Not good, or great, but EXCELLENT!  Those 4 things, I should put on a website and make people pay for it, because it is the like the Holy Grail of MLM and Network Marketing.  It was given to me, and being the giver that I am I will share with you.  You have to be EXCELLENT at:

1. Presenting the Oppertunity

2. Training

3. Finding and Developing Leaders

4. Overcoming the Objections

Sound simple enough, but executing takes a special kind of person.  Am I saying that you have to do all of these things to make money in MLM?  No, not at all.  Some MLM or Network Marketing companies and oppertunities are simple plug in or turnkey businesses that you can instantly start making money.  Key word to success of that company, “instantly!”  If not, the majority will quit because they are W2 minded and that is fine.  Being the Boss isn’t for everyone.  But to be a leader and one of the top money earners in the company, you HAVE to be EXCELLENT at all of those things.  

The Edwards Group, has created and have made quite a name for ourselves in 5LINX.  We have broken company records,and have been on the top of the charts numerous occasions consistently.  My wife and I are on track to hit SVP, which is Senior Vice President and we are very proud of this accomplishment, but we are more proud about our team members under us who are on track to doing the same in 90 to 180 days. That is POWERFUL!!!  That is because of the system we have followed.  We don’t mass recruit now because of the staggering statistics that we have found to be true.  We are very selective in who we bring into our organization and because of that, it has increased our ability to attract Super Reds, or very influential and affluent people into our organization.  

This is what helps us stand apart from other organizations.  This is what we attribute to our success.  Recruiting people who understand business, and put a system in place that can be followed.  In any business, you face objections, but it is how you react to those objections is what separates a true leader from someone who thinks they are a leader.

The Edwards Group will continue to blaze a path being super, super, super selective in who we bring into our organization.  We are headed to the top, and we ARE bringing others with us!  We encourage individuality, because this is “your” business.  We have put together tools to help brand and solidify and make known the leaders in our organization.  We have given many tools to help our team members succeed.  We have teamed up with Mr. Johnny Giles of Expert Business Presentations to provide these tools not only to our team members, but to all who desire to be successful in the industry of not only 5LINX, but any other MLM or Network Marketing company.

Check out the links to get an idea of what we do and some of our capabilities:



Organo Gold:

I want to congratulate a few partners who have been outstanding at following the system, understanding that it cost to be in business, and have proven their leadership:

1. Jennifer Edwards: Executive Director in 1 week in the business and on the verge of National Director.

2. Saint Paul & Wanda Edwards: Executive Director in less than 2 weeks in the business and on their way to National Director.

3. Jirah Wilkins: Executive Director in less than 2 weeks in the business and on the verge of National Director.

4. Brandy Smith: Executive Director in less than 2 weeks in the business and on the verge of National Director.

5. Tammy Rawlins: Executive Director in less than 3 weeks in the business and on her way to National Director.

6. Jauntee Wilkins: Executive Director in less than 3 weeks in the business and on her way to National Director.

7. FIHCO-Shannon Edwards: Executive Director in less than 4 weeks in the business and on her way to National Director.

8. Delors Monroe: Executive Director in less than 3 weeks in the business and on the verge of National Director.

9. Denise Harris: Executive Director in 4 days in the business. WOW!!!


Executive Trainers:

Cornell Edwards

Arminta “Pam” Smalls

Edwards Family Car Wash

Shannon Edwards

Clara Daniels

Clinton Wilkins

Thaddeus Wilkins

Mary Chesson

Mary Hooker

William Edwards

Johnny Price

Reginald Davis

Alesha Mclaurin

Darrell Monroe

David Bascombe

Dorris Whitfield

Congratulations to you all and I look forward to many many many more acknowledgements for my business partners.




About theedwardsgroup

My name is Jennifer Edwards and my husband Saint Paul and I are Team Builders in 5Linx located in North Carolina.

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  1. A very well written blog post my friend! Keep up the great work!

  2. I absolutely couldn’t agree more hunny! MLM can be a tricky yet rewarding and profitable business venture/investment, of course with strategy, overcoming learning curves, a bit of courage and a whole lotta (yes I spelled it that way on purpose lol) faith:) With that being said, we have learned so much, that often we forget the span of time in which we learned it! In MLM it is important to be and expect greatness, nothing less and nothing short of! With that being said, it is not done on our own accord, yet being coachable, energetic and excited about the possibility of opportunity far exceeds expectation if you let it. A person MUST HAVE A “WHY”, they must understand that opportunity is greater than themselves. The wealth of knowledge, wisdom and understanding cannot be replaced. Of course good money helps:) Yet, as you said, if a person has not been taught to keep it, they have gained nothing but a great date night! So, yes we have taken a back seat at times, we have swallowed our pride and remained humble, we have taken the blame and worked 21 hours a day, we have listened until our ears fell off, and packed so much information in our brains we were just SILENT lol! We have taken trips, burned the road up, done 1,000 meetings, run in overdrive, underdrive and everything else! Oh and our daughter is a MLM machine! lol at 9 years old! And what do we have to show for it?? Lessons learned, the favor of God, new amazing friends and business partners, how far we can push ourselves for our vision, when to say no, the true spirit of entrepreneurship and knowledge, wisdom and understanding! So many peoples lessons in MLM may have been expensive ones, but I have been told that education is expensive:) The Edwards Group is willing and we know now that we have what it takes! If everyone in the world could do it, it wouldn’t be worth much! I believe that it is important for people to not just wanna become great, but become REVOLUTIONARY! And in the end, especially in this economy lol if the money or opportunity ever dissipates, create and own something new:) The cycle of generational wealth must begin with a generation willing to sacrifice, be it in blood, sweat and tears or PBR’s, downlines and pyramids! At the end of the day all we need is ONE person to prove anything can be done, and since in our spirit that has already been proven; we must not only understand that faith without works is dead but works without faith is dead as well. And no matter what we have learned and what we learn everyday, nothing is greater than to be able to share it! So hubby lol we can swim safely among sharks and enjoy the peace of knowing what we are made of! And it isn’t a terrifying fin or the jaws of a great white (although incredible creatures lol) but we can move the ocean with our leadership, presence and character, and never once fear getting bitten.

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