The Edwards Group can help you generate exposure through the development of a customized marketing and promotional campaign that includes direct and indirect initiatives like;
-Flyer Design & HTML Ad Code
-Video Design
-Social Media Consulting & Management
-Custom Facebook & Twitter Page Design
-Direct Mail Campaigns
-and more…


Direct Mailing Campaigns are still alive and thriving in a social media world of instant e-mail! Family Intensive Home Care offers our associates, clients and cooperatives direct mail campaign services designed to increase the awareness of your business and grow your revenues! We specialize in;

Below are images of a mailing that represents a “COOPERATIVE REPRESENTATION” where The Edwards Group, in cooperation with Family Intensive Home Care (our subsidiary) is doing a mailing for a provider in another state acting as their liaison to promote their business within a specific demographic. As a “representative” of our cooperative we facilitate the introduction and initial negotiations to build a referral network that will increase their client flow and profitability.

No matter what your needs The Edwards Group can offer turnkey solutions that will help you grow your business and increase your profitability! Contact Us today to learn more about what we can offer you!

Click the link below to download the power-point of our services;




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